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Adding Microsoft Authentication using Firebase

Authenticating your users via Microsoft using Firebase
Read Article31 March, 2012

Authentication using Facebook via Firebase

Authenticating your users using Facebook via Firebase
Read Article30 March, 2012

Authentication using Phone Number

Onboarding your users using the phone number
Read Article29 March, 2012

Twitter Authentication in Frontend

Authenticating your users using Twitter
Read Article28 March, 2012

Github Authentication in Frontend

Authenticating your users using Github.
Read Article27 March, 2012

Calling REST API inside GraphQL queries

You don’t need to switch your backend from REST to GraphQL. Fetch REST query inside GraphQL.
Read Article22 March, 2012

Creating a Blog post using MDX extension

You just need to follow 5 steps to start using MDX with Next JS and create you first MDX blog page
Read Article17 March, 2021

Getting started with Storybook

The imperative toolkit you should use to display your frontend skills
Read Article17 March, 2021

Perfect styling library for React

After reading this article you will prefer styled-components over emotion and tailwind CSS anytime.
Read Article16 March, 2021

Redux best Architecture

The Redux architecture you should follow every time. Scaleable, highly extensible and easy to replace anytime in future.
Read Article16 March, 2021

Managing user sessions in Frontend

Avoid storing authentication tokens in Redux or LocalStorage, use Cookies instead.
Read Article15 March, 2021

Redux best practise for Scaleable API Architecture

Stop fetching data inside of Redux actions
Read Article14 March, 2021

Firebase Authentication in Frontend

Adding firebase authentication using email and google mail.
Read Article13 March, 2021

Firebase Installation with React

We will install the firebase to react.
Read Article12 March, 2021

Perfect UI library with React

Let’s discuss perfect UI library with react i.e. Material UI library and its installation with Next JS.
Read Article12 March, 2021

Building Solid Next JS Architecture

Building solid Next JS architecture for react applications.
Read Article11 March, 2021